Two people make up Artistic Rebels. We are a couple. We are artists to many degrees. We've made this website to share our work with all of those that want a bit of a different endeavor into the realm of art.

Alice McCann is a photographer with a noteworthy portfolio and experience, but even better than that she has the talent. Much of her work is adjusted to perfection with the goal in mind of the ultimate of aesthetic appeasement. Even as an amateur she gained high praise from every amateur and professional contest she's ever entered. In fact she has nearly always won every time with the worst she's received being honorable mention.

Vordulin is a writer. He writes about whatever comes into his twisted mind. Sometimes a novel springs from that, other times a short story. The variety ranges from theological, thrillers, fantasy, cyberpunk, syfy, and the like. His style ranges often, though poetic utilization of every form of the word smith is often integrated.

We hope you enjoy our work and keep coming back because we will keep posting more work for your pleasure.

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